• I2C bus repeater
  • IP64

Normally I2C bus length(for example an SHTx sensore)  can’t be longer that 2 meters(about 400pf bus capacitance) for a speed about 400KHz. If you need to install your I2C device (such an SHTx sensor) a bit far(3meter max) here we have a solution for. The I2CR is an option and can be used for your need or if you are using our products like MFCTH or SM8, for each sensor connection you can extend the length range about 7 meters(if you use SM8 for multiplexing) or 5 meter in case of directly connecting your single sensor to the MFCTH. 



Lead Time: 1 week

  • IP64
  • 3.3 VDC
  • Supports SHT2x and SHT3x sensors
  • CE conformity