Welcome to ebimicro


We will advice you for the best matched solution to your needs and ideas.


We do not only offer you our products but also support you from begging to the end.


We can help you to design your own embedded solution. Explain us you idea, we will customize our products accordingly or bring your ideas to life.


We offer you the best product and solutions to monitor your environment condition.


Quality is our main focus

After years of experience and building knowledge we decide to start our company  to bring our ideas, technical support and high quality products on market individually. Ebimicro is a small company in size but  big in ideas. We are not only producing high quality embedded solutions but also offer best technical support on our devices.

Beside that we do customized design and embedded design for our customers in case if they have an idea and they are looking for a professional, smart and cost effective support to bring it in to life.  


Years Experience


What We Provide

All our products are not only designed according to the need of market but we do investment on any piece of our products to design and produce them not just to function but also to provide a smart solution.

You have an idea and you don't know how to bring it to life? We are here for you. We will help you from design to produce your idea.

Our products mostly will be provided including user intervention future like display and keypad but we also offer a free of charge solution.

Not only local control and monitoring is followed by us but we provide you smart IoT solutions from data storage to monitoring your solution.

If you our products are not completely covers your need we will be happy to hear about your needs. We will analyze it and will try to adopt our existing solutions or design according to your needs.

We offer you warranty on all product and also technical support from installing to configuring your solution.


What We Have Done in these Few Years

We produced many small customized solution world wide and basically in Middle East and we are proud of our smart and sustainable solutions that after years are still functioning perfectly and as expected. 

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our products


An HMI to modify an monitor your Modbus network


If you need a super easy solution to modify your controllers connected to your Modbus network, we have it.


MFCT Controller

A controller for PT100 and PT1000 sensors


MFCT is a high quality/ High precision controller designed to measure temperature using PT100 or PT1000 sensors.


You can connect multiple sensors (up to 8) to MFCTH controller by using SM8 multiplexer.

If you need to connect multi sensors to the MFCTH controller to monitor the measured value differences or get an average of them the SM8 is the solution.

MFCTH Controller

A controller for SHT2x and SHT3x sensors


MFCTH is a high quality/ High precision controller designed to measure temperature using SHT2x and SHT3x series sensors.


Is an I2C repeater which can be used to improve the connection to the sensor or extend the line bus.

If you need to extend the sensor cable and still have a stable connection the I2CR can be used.


our services


We do IoT projects.

If you need to connect your idea to the internet, you are in the right place.


free consultation

We are with you from the beginning to the end implementation of your idea.


An ARM based company

All our intelligent designs are based on ARM microcontrollers.


Cost effective solutions

We advice you with the most cost effective solution. Customization or design shouldn't be always expensive.


Design your idea with us.

We can help you to design your own embedded solution.


Sustainable solutions

You can count on the sustainability of our design.